A 5-day virtual summit with 25+ leading experts from all corners of the world teaching you how to rise up against the odds so you can gain control over your life.

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Discover life-changing ideas from 25+ experts that you build your resilience, courage and achieve anything.


Watch just one talk or all 25, at your convenience during every week. Replays available for 48 hours.


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✔️ 3 Mindset ReSTARTers : Building a hardwired, resilient attitude for meaningful action and sustained growth.

✔️ How to grow your inner nurturer and, at the same time, control your inner critic!

✔️ How to become fearless!

✔️ 10 Mentoring Questions that will save you even if you lost everything!

✔️ How to become more conscious of embracing adversity.!

✔️ Powerful step-by-step methodology for designing courage from within

✔️ Answers to all the passion related questions like how to find your passion etc.,

✔️  How to Turn your Struggle into a Fulfilling Business!

✔️ How to Be Resilient and Be Your Own Master!

✔️ How to Stop faking your way through life and find happiness!

✔️ How to change aspects of who you are and the life you live into who you want to be and the life of your dreams!

✔️ How to overcome the Fear of Public Speaking, even If you never stand on the stage.

✔️ The store house of every thought, intention and deed in the ether /space.

✔️ True freedom by challenging the norm!

✔️ The #1 thing HOLDING YOU BACK from living a purpose-driven passionate life!

✔️ How to Cultivate The Courage Within.!

✔️ The Ideas to Express Authentic Self and Find more Joy in Your Life.

✔️ The ways to find the courage and stand in front of larger group of people to share your message. 

✔️ The power of the 12 steps in the process of recovery.

✔️ The Importance of Sound Vibration & Consciousness in Life.

✔️ The Mind Body Connection for Gut Health and Mental Health.

✔️ How to build overall resilience with help you to live an emotionally independent life.

It Didn't Exist, 
So We Are Creating It...


Hi there, my name is Ram. It’s not long ago that I walked through life with regrets weighing heavily on my shoulders, and lived with constant guilt and frustration brought on by memories of events from the past. One of my biggest regrets was allowing fear to accompany me on my journey, to prevent me from living life on my terms.

I have always dreamed of branching out on my own, to be my own boss, instead of working for someone else. I played it safe. I procrastinated. I remained in my comfort zone until it became too uncomfortable. That was when I took a giant step forward.

I shook off the fear and took back control over my own life.

The last two years were dedicated to my personal growth. I read self-development books, discovered my true self through the practice of meditation, and allowed myself to be inspired by other people’s heartwarming stories.

I will forever be grateful to all the people who were involved in my personal growth. Without them, I would never have dared to step out of my comfort zone. Their stories and words of wisdom inspired me to ditch the fears that held me back and to pursue my dreams.

Creating this event was one of those dreams.

I’m proud to present to you "The Unshakeable Resilience Virtual Summit". This is my chance to allow you to also be changed by the life-changing ideas, experiences, and wisdom of a great group of leading experts. Take the time to listen to their stories and follow the action steps so you can nurture a growth mindset.

I look forward to seeing you inside.


Rebecca Roberts
Coach, Speaker, Storyteller and Space maker

Ana Patricia Bourgeois
Life Purpose Coach

Dev OM
Spiritual Guide and Himalayan Yogi.

Carolyn Street
Principal Therapist and Coach at Holistic Coach

Rachana Awatramani
Counseling Psychologist, Happiness Life Coach and Author

Herman Chow
Fairy Godmother and Portrait Photographer offering you a transformational experience of beauty and confidence

Christy Renee
Design Grad, Online Entrepreneur, Author and Public Speaker.

Helena Goodwill
Intuitive Life Coach, Author, Reiki Master and Artist at Goodwill Heart.

Rup Kaur
Worldwide meditation teacher, Akashic records healer, and Crystal healer.

Liz Grace Davis
Bestselling author and mindset and productivity writing coach for coaches, speakers, and anyone in the business of transforming lives.

Sheetal Haria
Spiritual Coach. Founder of Divine Healing & Divine Arts and Craft.

Jihad Saad
Empowering driven individuals to transform themselves from within and to rise up for their dreams!

Sheedia Jansen
Business Mindset Coach.

Carmen Badan
Best selling author and Visionary at Imagine U.

Luke MP
Motivational Artist and Speaker

Meghan Lichtinghagen
On a mission to wake people up to their true and unlimited potential!

Savitri Bhurji
Divine Feminine Energy Healer & Happiness Expert!

Kerstin Anigma 
ManifEsting GeneRator and EvEnt ManaGeR.

Linda Mbagwu 
Speaker and Consultant. Helping leaders operate beyond their limitations

Zeeba Khan
Internationally experienced Ayurvedic clinician, meditation teacher, motivational speaker, energy healer, and nutritionist.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal
Naturopathic Doctor, helped thousands of people with mental and physical health conditions.

Christina Bernard
Helps solopreneurs become standout thought leaders on social media

Lian Monley 
Holistic Gut Health Expert

Jyoti Kaundinya
Mrs.India Body Fit '18. Worldwide Meditation Master and Founder of The Mind Body Spirit Studio.

Lauren Jane
An Artist and also helps entrepreneurs to be more happy and successful.

Jon-Olaf Hendricks
Lifestyle Strategist and Entrepreneur. Best-selling Author, Speaker, and Mentor

Alfredo De Vanna 
Director General at Progrevo and CTO at Yakidoo

Shruti Shah Shah 
Reiki Master, Qualified Angel Teacher, Certified Sound Healer and Meditation Teacher


DAY#1 : Foundational Mindset

DAY#2 : Emotional Health

DAY#3: Courage Over Fear

DAY#4: Follow Your Passion

DAY#5: Opportunity in action

It's time to get focused on the areas you need help with

Unlike physical conferences where you can end up sitting through content you just don't need, The Unshakable Resilience Virtual Summit is delivered entirely online. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform your life, or catch them all. It’s up to you! No restriction, replays available for 48 hours.

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6 days
31 speakers
6 categories

Its time to...

control your inner critic,
✅ stop doubting yourself,
stop comparing yourself to others,
✅ stop being jealous of others,
step out of your comfort zone,
✅ stop playing small,
stop faking your way through life,
✅ stop living an emotionally dependent life,
stop giving power to others,
✅ stop procrastinating... 

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