Christy Renee

Christy Renee

Christy Renee is an online entrepreneur, author and public speaker. Once fearing the world as a scary place, she has now traveled to over 50 countries and uses her fear to create innovative solutions to what seem like impossible challenges. In her twenties, Christy was a fear-driven control freak with crippling anxiety. Now, her mission is to help others leave their comfort zones and live the extraordinary lives that are possible when we cultivate the courage within.

Int'l Speaker, Author, Storyteller, Trainer

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How does a girl once too freaked out to leave her house manage to say goodbye to the boyfriend she’d had since childhood, donate all her possessions, quit her only source of income without any new prospects, leave with a one-way ticket, two halfway-maxed-out credit cards, 10k in student debt and $1000 in the bank and turn it into the debt-free, nomadic life she'd always dreamed of?

In this program, Christy shines a light on the popular misinformation that keeps us stuck playing small and teaches a step-by-step methodology for cultivating courage.

This talk is for those ready to dream big, take risks, and leave their comfort zone behind once and for all.