Master Dev OM

Master Dev OM

Dev OM is a Himalayan yogi and spiritual guide from India and has invented ‘Mindfulness with Light Meditation'. • Internationally acclaimed Trainer, Speaker, and Author. • Author of 12 Self-help and spiritual books (4 Amazon bestsellers+ amazon first rank holders in respective categories) • Creator of 25+ Guided Meditations and self-discovery tools addressing different emotional and psychological situations. • In last 18 years, he has successfully facilitated his courses and trainings in 36 countries throughout the world and his works have been translated into 7 different languages.

Spiritual and Meditative Life Guide
Dev OM Meditation Ashram and Happiness Commune

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"Let life be a nonstop and never-ending celebration of your SELF. Be so untouchable at the core that you can celebrate each moment in your life. Celebrate your ups and downs, celebrate your rise and fall. Remember! among all this, your consciousness is always shining. Happy celebrative life! Love n light". Dev OM

Born in 1974 in central India, a Networking Engineer and Masters in IT by education, Dev OM took on to the path of meditation and self-discovery in 1997 and kept growing in his quest for ultimate realization. He left his flourishing software exports business in 2003 and moved to the Himalayas to live there, learn and meditate. After 6 years of meditation, experiments and deep inner cleansing he finally got his realization of absolute Oneness and the pure conscious nature of life in November 2009. After that, he was guided to travel around and to learn the mystical nature of life in a normal social structure in the cities. Since then he is traveling around the world to meet and share with people the divine knowledge and wisdom he has received. He is telling people not to leave their worldly life but to have a conscious and fulfilling life. He helps them to achieve the inner state of unshakable peace, love, and joy with his simple yet profound teachings and techniques.