Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca is a coach, speaker, storyteller and spacemaker who loves to engage and connect deeply with her audience. During her 12 years working as an Interior Architect and Workplace Culture Strategist she focused on bringing simplicity and lightness to complex situations to spark forward momentum. Her background provides a unique view into how the individual- and collective-mindset can either hinder growth or open the floodgates for meaningful action. In 2012 Rebecca transitioned her focus and passion from physical spaces to exploring the rich inner structure that exists within each individual. She now focuses her time and energy on supporting others to consciously create their own inner space. This builds a mindset that unleashes potential, fosters connection and allows us to flow with the pulse of life. This is the work of Inner Architecture.


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In Rebecca's words: I approach life and work with lighthearted-directness and curiosity. I love accompanying and supporting folks as they learn new ways to approach opportunities and challenges with an open mind and curious heart – making space to grow and create meaningful connections.

I'm originally from Louisiana – the lovely land of wild swamps, sweet tea and bluesy-jazz. I'm grateful to have lived and traveled around the world and experienced a wonderful diversity of cultures and people. These experiences continue to shape my curiosity for understanding how we humans tick, and what allows us to shape and create our lives to ignite a sense of excitement, fun and fulfilment.

My background as an Interior Architect and Workplace Strategist has also given me a unique view into the inner workings of hundreds of companies and cultures. It served as a wonderful playground for uncovering the common threads that lead to either fulfilment or frustration at work and at home.

I'm so grateful to now focus my time and energy on working with and speaking about Inner Architecture – the study and exploration of how we humans construct and create our inner space to ignite growth and connection with the outer world.