3 Steps to Leaving Your Comfort Zone Behind!

A talk by Christy Renee
Int'l Speaker, Author, Storyteller, Trainer,

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About this talk

There’s something you want more than anything else, but it feels so far away... You feel detached from that dream, almost like it’s never going to happen. You feel like you’re trapped in place.

You just feel stuck.

Well congrats! You may not believe it — yet — but you’re in exactly the right place. The fear, the confusion, the unknown, it’s all the first step.

In this talk, Christy shines a light on the popular misinformation that keeps us stuck playing small and teaches us a step-by-step methodology for cultivating the courage within.

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Christy Renee

Christy Renee is an online entrepreneur, author and public speaker. Once fearing the world as a scary place, she has now traveled to over 50 countries and uses her fear to create innovative solutions to what seem like impossible challenges. In her twenties, Christy was a fear-driven control freak with crippling anxiety. Now, her mission is to help others leave their comfort zones and live the extraordinary lives that are possible when we cultivate the courage within.